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Chrissy Inglis

What health and wellness changes have taken place since you decided to change your life style?

  General well being, less anxiety

What challenges have you faced during your journey and what motivated you to solve them? 


 Time, personally wanting to see my results.

What health supplements or products and membership's do you have and what can you say about them?


 Diesel Fitness (Dallas), 24 Hr. Fitness, Fitness Express (sachse)

What and/or who is your inspiration or motivation? What is your WHY and what keeps you going?


 Honestly I do this for me, I feel best when I’m healthy, lifting, and being physically fit. I am my own inspiration…meeting the goals I set for  myself keep me going.

How have you benefited since you've begun your new journey?


 I've gained physical strength, mental healthiness, and confidence to do anything I set my mind to.

Tell me about your day to day life improvements?


 Tell me about your day to day life improvements? Being more mentally organized, releasing endorphin's each morning clears my head for  my day to day tasks, at work and at home.

Do you Journal? Why or Why Not?


 No I do not, simply due to time…I am extremely busy

What have you learned on this journey?


 That I can do anything I set my mind to, no matter the personal doubt I may feel at times, consistency is the key to anything going on in life.


What would you say to others that are facing struggles and need help, motivation and encouragement?

 To trust the process, the even though there will be off days, guilty feelings, cheat meals, holidays, missed workouts, everyday life  events….keep pushing towards the goal. Nothing happens in an instant and being healthy is a daily process not temporary fix.

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