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What health and wellness changes have taken place since you decided to change your life style?

What HASN’T happened is the real question if I am being completely honest. Let’s see… I believe I need to break it down a little bit.

  1. Spiritually: My relationship with God continues to grow each moment of each day. I pray more. I sit in silence more. When I work out, sometimes I close my eyes. That and breathing, gets me through some intense workouts. 

  2. Physically: My body is lighter so my knees don’t have to work as hard. I don’t get heartburn and I don’t vomit in my mouth in the middle of the night from over eating. My bra size went from a 42DDD to a 36C. I always wanted to be a 36C (ha!).​

  3. Mentally: To be honest, I am still struggling with this. Sometimes I still have the mindset some days that I am overweight and I do have days where I may eat a little more than I should (of something not so good) and I look down at myself sometimes and see extra skin.. I start to think negative thoughts, but the difference now, I am stronger and more secure in my spiritual relationship, that I hear HIS voice, God affirms I am loved and I am His masterpiece and I give Him the Glory for my transformation. Because of him I am strong. I am weak without him. I have had past experiences with depression. I am not a depressed person any longer. 

  4. Emotionally: Between this journey and the other two careers I have, it’s a God thing how it all ties together, emotionally for me. I work for a nonprofit that focuses on the social needs of our city. ( and we offer resources to the community (free at Church resources, impact reports, events and more.. I am starting to see the world differently. I am starting to see the world as Jesus sees it. A glimpse. I have begun to pray for so many. I was challenged by my prayer team “warrior” at Unite to pray for people as you see them. Think about that for a minute.. let it sink in and try it. I challenge you to Pray for People as You See Them. Prayer is a powerful thing. The mind is a powerful thing. Energy,.. It's all related. Just sayin’. Have you seen War Room?

  5. As for the camp, I am SO THANKFUL for "The Camp Transformation Center"! I have met so many amazing people. I love talking with people and smiling with them and encouraging them and they inspire and encourage me and keep me going. It isn’t a “gym”, it’s a friendly place, home away from home. I continue my workouts at the Richardson location and I worked two evenings a week at the North Dallas location until recently (back to school and personal schedule conflicts) but at EACH location  I have shared stories, listened to stores, witnessed, prayed,shared plexus, lived life with my AFF (Awesome Fit Family). God gave me what I needed and I asked for it but had no idea what I was asking for. The Camp is a gift from God. This journey is a gift from God and I am forever thankful for Angela, Jeff, Jeremy & Michelle for taking a chance and moving from California to Texas. You all have blessed so many by your courage and faith. (To all: Michelle was recently diagnosed with breast cancer, she is a brave, strong, a beautiful women and prayer warriors near and far, keep her in your heart).

What challenge have you faced during your journey and what motivated you to solve them? Well, since my journey has begun (started June 6, 2016) there are a few things that stand in my memory bank a little clearer than others:

  1. The Box Jump – This is a sensitive subject for me. Box Jump and I go WAY back to the beginning, July 2016. I was doing so well, even Angela was telling me what a great job I did… As soon as she said “Great Job Jennifer” in front of everyone, my foot slipped and I went DOWN, towards the right and scraped my entire left shin down the left side of the Box Jump. I thought surly it was gushing blood. I went down, got asked if I was ok by several, dusted myself off and kept going. I wasn’t jumping but I was stepping up with a hobble checking for the blood. There was NONE! No blood but it hurt SO bad! A year later, I realized I actually caused internal bruising and scraped the inside of my bone.. I still to this day have a slightly visible war wound.

  2. The Beginning Stages of Meal Prep – Boy was that trial and error. It was funny watching Chris (hubs) and the kids (Jacob, Jayme, and Jenna) taste the good and the bad! My niece (Amanda) told me (since then) that I have gotten pretty good at cooking healthy things. She recently started to meal prep herself! Ha! I am getting better and learn new things ALL the time! So Long Fried Chicken Tenders! Grease and I have no relationship 99% of the time unless I don't know about it. I no longer eat HAMBURGERS, the beef makes me sick. I can eat steak (thank goodness because I LOVE steak) but hamburgers, nope. I miss Whataburger and Taco Bueno at times.. but then I think about how I felt AFTER I ate it.. It was not good at all. Gut Health is so important and I am learning each day. 

  3. The husband’s Christmas Party – Oh man… This was the last week of a six week challenge and  my last challenge (I completed 4 total) and I was 3-4 lbs. from my GOAL weight. (To get the refund, which I GOT!) Chris had a company dinner at Maggianos at North Park Mall. All you can eat Italian Food, with OPEN bar and UNLIMITED desserts. WHAT!! Are you serious? I emailed his company with a simple meal request, which was honored. (Thank you Gina!)  I drank water with lemon, ate grilled tilapia on a bed of spinach. I offered to wait with Chris in line as he got a beer, I got a diet coke. And for dessert, I offered to go get a variety of cakes, brownies, and cookies as long as the eye could see. I smelt his plate longer than a few seconds and smiled as I handed it over to him. My question, how bad do you want something? How far are you willing to go? Dedication, Willpower, Mindset, FAITH and deciding to THINK in a POSITIVE way.. you have to be ready. Are you ready?

What health supplements or products and membership’s do you have and what can you say about them?

  1. Plexus

    1. Tri-Plex (Slim, Bio Cleanse and Pro Bio 5) been taking these since April 2014 when I became a Plexus Ambassador.

    2. Accelerator (during the 2nd challenge)

    3. Boost (during my Hard Body challenge)

  2. The Camp

    1. Completed 4 – 20 lb. 6 Week Challenges – from June 6, 2016 thru December 12, 2016, received my full refund back (as the agreement promised). (Results, went from weighing 234.7 pounds on June 6, 2016 to 150.5 on December 12, 2016)

    2. Completed 1 – June 7, 2017 Hard Body Challenge (to lose 5% BF in 6 weeks). Results: Lost 1.5% body fat. (went from roughly 26% to 24 %)

  3. The Camp Supplements

    1. Protein (started June 2016 and still use it)

    2. BCAA (started during my Hard Body Challenge)

    3. Glutamine (started June 2016 and still use it)

    4. AM’s (during the 1st challenge)

    5. PM’s (during the 1st & 2nd challenge)

What and/or Who is your inspiration or motivation? What is your WHY and what keeps you going?


This question may make me a little emotional... I wouldn’t normally consider myself a “depressed” person but there were times over the last few years (and years past) where I would find myself looking at myself in the mirror and saying very mean and hateful, disrespectful things to myself. It was enough to make me cry and ask God to help change SOMETHING in my life. I didn’t ask for anything specific... maybe because deep down, I didn’t know what I wanted. I didn’t know my purpose... The verse Ephesians 2:10 has always stuck with me, since a few years back at a Women’s Retreat with my Spring Creek church ladies. I will admit, I don’t have the best memory and I don’t normally remember verses from the bible, but I believe, God really wanted me to remember it and so, I have held onto that verse ever since. In case you aren’t familiar with it, it is basically saying “WE ARE GOD’S MASTERPIECE”. He has created us to do wonderful things. We are meant to be victorious, not depressed or with anxiety. (Sorry, I started rambling...) Back to my WHY? – So I would sit in front of a mirror and say these horrible things and pray and cry and ask God to change SOMETHING about my life. It’s not like I have a horrible life and I am thankful for every blessing, but it wasn’t until I prayed those prayers that God began to TRANSFORM my life and OPEN my eyes. That song, Give me your eyes to see… God has certainly giving me that. As I continue to press into Him and build a relationship with him, he continues to allow me to see things in His eyes. I am humbled and I am thankful for the Grace he gives US every single day.

I have a few close friends that motivate me (Once MY AFF ALWAYS MY AFF (you know who you are!) and the TRAINERS, Chrissy, Jessica, Katie... My mom. Growing up my mom was ALWAYS encouraging me and reminding me of God's love. I have tried to do that with my children. ♥


Finally, my WHY? How can I give of myself the way God wants me to, for my husband, 3 children, friends, family, church, life group, careers, if I wasn’t a happy me? We all want to be happy and when you have JOY, you can experience your happy. (Joy = Jesus, Others, then Yourself)

How have you benefited since you've begun your new journey?


 My knees don’t hurt. My back doesn’t hurt (unless I miss a workout), my wrists don’t fall asleep in the middle of the night. My heels are  healthier because I wear socks and sweat (ha!), I have no complaints in the “bathroom” department, I spend more time outside and  being more active. I have a Fitbit and average about 6,000 to 7,000 steps a day, I walk upstairs without being tired. I have made  TON’S of life long friends at The Camp. I am so thankful for The Camp. I have grown spiritual in my relationship with God. I am a happier person and as a result, I can be happier towards others around me. I am healthy, I’ve lost almost 100 pounds since June 2016 and have maintained keeping it off.

Tell me about your day to day life improvements?

 The nonprofit I work with, there are stairs in our parking garage. I don’t use the elevator and have no problem walking up 3-4 flights of stairs. Before my transformation, I would not have been able to have done that without running out of breath. I am more aware of what I put in my body. I am still learning BUT I am now Eating to Live.. NOT Living to Eat. Does that make sense? Think about that a minute.

Do you journal? Why or Why Not?

 Absolutely!!! It holds you accountable! I will be impressed with anyone that can remember everything that happens every single day.  What you’ve done, How you felt, What you ate, If you were active? You can record as much or as little about the day, the good and  bad on your new journey which will HELP you in the long run! I promise! I strongly encourage everyone to journal. While I understand it  may be hard for some, I  encourage you to try. (Ross Department Stores always have some neat inspirational calendar/journals for  inexpensive, less than $10) Journal even if it's bad.. Do you think it’s ok to “cheat”, of course! You aren’t on a “diet” you are on a new  journey, a healthier one. We are  broken humans, give us a break! Do I eat chocolate, rarely but yes. Do I drink alcohol? Well... I know  it has a ton of sugar and that is counterproductive to my health goals. So I make a choice. No, I normally choose NOT to drink alcohol  but if I am on vacation, I think it’s ok to have a sangria and if Chris has beer in hand, grilling chicken for me, I may have a glass of wine  with him. Everything in moderation. What’s important? Remember your WHY? Willpower, Mindset, Determination

What have you learned on this journey?

 It’s NOT just about the outside physical aspect. The outside is a reflection of the inside... If you are feeling good on the inside, it will  show on the outside. If you are feeling bad on the inside, it will reflect on the outside. Gut health is important and I look forward to  taking some college courses in the future to further my education in the area of fitness, nutrition, and personal growth in hopes to  become a personal coach / mentor to help others on their journey. The camp work outs – I won’t lie, they are intense. BUT if they  weren’t, they wouldn’t be challenging. You don’t grow unless you are being challenged. Do the workouts get easier? NO! YOU get  STRONGER! #Mindset #Determination #Faith

What would you say to others that are facing struggles and need help, motivation and encouragement?

  1. If I was standing in front of myself, during MY camp orientation back on June 6, 2016, what would I say?

    1. #Faith – because with GOD ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE

    2. #Mindset – because you have to be READY! You will need willpower. You will need to learn how to meal prep, eat better, make better choices. Is it hard, yes, but you have to be determined to get back on the bicycle when you fall off. I mean, isn’t that what you did when you were a kid?

    3. #Determination – because not every day is peachy. You will want your favorite drive true. It is OK to cry – but don’t give up. You may even fall off a box jump, like I did. Still have the bruise a year later, on my shin. I was embarrassed, I was in front of a LOT of people that saw me go down and it took me almost a year to JUMP the box jump again. BUT I was determined. Don’t Give Up!

    4. #Supplements – Some are essential during this process, some are suggested. I have found Plexus to have some of the most amazing preventative maintenance supplements for optimum health (like vitamins, pro biotics, pre biotics, and the sweet little “pink drink”). I have also enjoyed the supplements directly from the camp. (BCAA’s, protein, and everyone needs glutamine!).

    5. Where to begin?

      1. Set some goals. Small and big – where do you see yourself and what is YOUR WHY?

      2. Find a mentor. If you don’t know who to ask, please ask me! I would love to chat and share stories, recipes, tips, and answer any question I can. My personal email address is I can offer a plethora of resources. Just ask!

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