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Kathy Simpson

What health and wellness changes have taken place since you decided to change your life style?

This is me!! I still can't believe how far I'm come!! I'm down 82 pounds, normal blood pressure, no longer pre-diabetic, cholesterol is now 149, no joint pain, sleeping soundly and tremendous energy. Did it happen quickly? Nope! Is Plexus a magic drink? Nope! You have to do your part while the products do their part. Be consistent, drink the required water, start each day with protein and DON'T QUIT!! I'm so thankful for my Plexus products!!

What challenges have you faced during your journey and what motivated you to solve them? 


What health supplements or products and membership's do you have and what can you say about them?



What and/or who is your inspiration or motivation? What is your WHY and what keeps you going?


How have you benefited since you've begun your new journey?


Tell me about your day to day life improvements?


Do you Journal? Why or Why Not?


What have you learned on this journey?


What would you say to others that are facing struggles and need help, motivation and encouragement?

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