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Tasha Pernell

What health and wellness changes have taken place since you decided to change your life style?

 My health and wellness journey began when I was told by the doctor at what I consider a fairly young age (in my 30s) that I  had a “disease” called Type II Diabetes.  It was explained to me that it was triggered simply off my lifestyle and thus was  curable.  While I’ve witness several of my family members deal with diabetes, I had never thought 1.) It would happen to me. 2.)  That it was a disease and 3.) That I could live with sticking myself with a needle daily.  This was a pivotal turning point in my  life to make a change.  Since, I have decided to change my life style, I am happy to announce that I no longer have diabetes!  Other noticeable changes are no more swelling ankles, dizzy spells, and no more adult acne.

What challenges have you faced during your journey and what motivated you to solve them? 


 My biggest challenge that I have faced during my journey has been the mental struggle.  The hardest part for me was to believe  that I could actually achieve being healthy and well. 

What health supplements or products and membership's do you have and what can you say about them?


 I have a membership at The Camp Transformation Center in Richardson, TX.  I absolutely love the Camp and the services they provide.  The  staff is nice and provide genuine support for your wellness goals. The health supplements I use are LipoFXAM, Vitagen, EFA, and BCAAs,


What and/or who is your inspiration or motivation? What is your WHY and what keeps you going?


 My motivation/inspiration is my 8 year old son.  I recall when I had a dizzy spell and passed out and the only thing I  could think of is that my son would be left alone.  While I understand that you don’t know what the future holds and there are  some uncontrollable events, my son helps motivate me to manage the controllable events, so we can have a long future  together.

How have you benefited since you've begun your new journey?


 I have gained a lot of confidence, which has spread to all areas of my life.  It has open new doors and opportunities that were  not there before.

Tell me about your day to day life improvements?

 I am stronger, happier, and freer than I’ve ever experience before


Do you Journal? Why or Why Not?


 No, because journaling is very personal and permanent and from my experience I still struggle with “writing” my feelings.    Although, I have no problems speaking them.  This journey is helping me to overcome this and I hope to one day be able to say  “Yes”.

What have you learned on this journey?


 I really learned how powerful your mind can be.  If you believe you can achieve it you will.  If you believe you are not tired, you  won’t be.  It wasn’t until I changed my perspective and actually started to speak my future into existence before change truly  happened.   


What would you say to others that are facing struggles and need help, motivation and encouragement?

 There are many avenues to health and fitness and you have to find the one that fits you best, but the most important is to find  a routine that allows you to be consistent and persistent.  Surround yourself with positive energy (people, places, things) that  can help you to sustain the journey.

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